User Roles & Permissions

by Shelby Burke

HigherMe offers a default set of roles and suggested permissions that you can customize to fit your company’s needs! Head over to your Roles & Permissions page to configure these. 

We offer four types of roles:

  1. Company Admin
  2. Regional Manager
  3. Store Manager
  4. Recruiter

We offer three primary permission sets:

  1. Users and Permissions
  2. ATS
  3. Interview Scheduling

Within each of these permission sets, Company Admins can choose which permissions are attached to which role. 

  1. Users & Permissions
    • Create a new manager
      • Invite a new manager to your account
    • Delete a manager
      • Remove a manager’s access to your account
    • Can Create Templates
      • Allow users to ADD NEW TEMPLATE
    • Can Edit Templates
      • Change the content, questions, and settings of job templates
    • Onboarding Add New Hires
      • Allow users to add new hires that did NOT apply through HigherMe
    • Allow Onboarding
      • Allow users to move applicants into Onboarding
    • Can Request New Resources (Locations, Jobs, Documents)
      • From the jobs page and onboarding page
    • Can Edit Role & Permissions
      • Allow users to update and change the settings
      • We only recommend this for the Company Admin
    • Can Boost a Job
      • Allow users to boost jobs on Indeed, Craigslist, and HigherMe Reach
    • Email Notifications After Boost
      • Allow users to receive emails regarding boosts
    • Can Create New Job Template
      • Allow users to create a new job template for a specific location 
    • Can See Background Check Status
      • Allows users to view new hires' background checks
    • Can Edit Jobs
      • Allows users to edit jobs at specific locations
    • Can Finalize Onboarding Employees
      • Allows users to review and complete new hires' onboarding paperwork
  2. ATS
    • Can Change Hiring Statuses
      • Can change the status (on/off/passive) of your jobs
    • Can Change Application Status
      • Can move an application to different stages of the hiring process
    • Daily Digest
      • Option to get a daily email with all candidates from the day
    • Email after each notification
      • Option to get emails for all applicant notifications
    • Text after each notification
      • Option to get text alerts for all applicant notifications
    • Receive notifications from managers to finalize Onboarding Employees
      • Allow users to receive notifications to finalize OEs
    • EEOC Reports
      • Allow users to view EEOC reports
    • Sourcing Report
      • View a report which shows the original source of candidates 
    • AON Report
      • Allow users to view AON reports
  3. Interview Scheduling
    • Can edit schedule slots for location
      • Set interview slots for various locations vs personal times
      • This is great if a recruiter or someone other than the direct hiring manager is inviting candidates to interviews
    • Can invite applicants to interview
      • Option to schedule an interview
    • Can Invite applications to interview for another manager
      • Allow users to set up interviews with other managers
    • Reminder before interview
      • Get a notification prior to a scheduled interview
    • Alert Issues With Interview
      • Get a notification if the candidate cancels or requests to reschedule their interview.


Here are quick glances at the 4 types of roles and their default settings: 




Screen_Shot_2022-08-22_at_9.23.02_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-08-22_at_9.23.09_AM.png




















Digital Onboarding Permissions:

NOTE: All employees will have access to Digital Onboarding via HigherMe if your company utilizes our service. All employees within HigherMe will be able to see the last 4 digits of an employee's social security number and their salary. Also, if an employee goes into view any documents within an Active Employees onboarding, they will be able to see all any documents and information as well. 


To add a new user, check outthis page!