Applicant Statuses ✅

by Irène

HigherMe allows you to track applicants throughout the hiring process, and quickly filter through Applicants at different stages. There are six (6) basic statuses within HigherMe and an additional one (1) for our Onboarding feature. Each status indicates a different stage of the hiring process.

  • New - The Applicant has not yet been reviewed. This is the default! 
  • Contacted - The Applicant has been invited to interview through our Interview Scheduling Tool or this has been manually set.
  • Rejected - The Applicant is not a good fit for the position at this time. By default, the Applicant will receive an email letting them know. The rejection email can be toggled off, just ask!
  • Interviewed - The Applicant has been interviewed by phone or in person. This is triggered either manually or when the Hiring Manager confirms they arrived at the interview. 
  • Hired - You've found an all-star employee!
  • Future Candidate - Save applicants for consideration for future job openings.
  • Pending Onboarding - You're ready to onboard your applicant! Change their status to Pending Onboarding to begin the process.

To view applicants at different stages in the hiring process, select the desired status under Filter by Status in the top search filters. 


As a best practice, we encourage you to use our Statuses as much as possible! This helps keep Applicants updated, allows for an organized and simple to use dashboard, and helps your Client Services team know what you're looking for!