Reporting tools

by Irène

Want more information on how your job postings are performing? Maybe you need to double-check your EEOC compliance? Or maybe you want to audit manager activity or export your active employees into your payroll system. Whatever it is, we're here to help!

HigherMe offers several types of reports that you can run and download for your own records. To get started, visit your Reports page!


Track which sources your applicants are coming in from via the Sourcing tab on your Reports page. How many of your applicants are coming in from your Text-to-Apply sign vs. from a job board like Indeed or direct traffic on HigherMe? Filter by location, date range, and more. Sourcing analytics can help you make more informed decisions on how to allocate your budget in the future.

Want more detailed information in your Sourcing report? Consider adding a tracking link to your job postings!

Tip: when you hire someone, mark them as "hired" so you can track which sources are bringing you your most qualified candidates!


HigherMe helps you keep track of the demographic data that is required for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reporting to ensure you are protected in the event of a claim. All records are permanently stored and accessible in HigherMe's database. Simply select the store location(s) and a date range to generate a report.

Report history

Anytime a report has been generated and exported, it will be emailed to you and stored in the Report History tab for future reference.