How does the "Request More Info" button work?

by Shelby Burke

The Request More Info button can help provide you with missing information from a canddaite.

When you click on a candidate's application to view the details, you will see a Request More Info button.


When clicked, you will be prompted to choose one or more options.


NOTE: Once your request for more info is submitted, the applicant is removed from your APPLICATIONS page and sent back to an In Progress stage. This means that the application will disappear from your view and you will no longer be able to access it. It is up to the candidate to choose to resubmit - then only will they then reappear in your APPLICATIONS page. 

Here is a snippet of the email that the candidate receives:


TIP: If you prefer to have access to the applicants contact information, it might be worth leaving yourself a note in their application to remember to ask about that missing information during the interview.