Screening questions

by Irène

Screening questions are an optional but useful part of a job template. They allow you to get a sense of who your applicants are before the interview, align applicants to your company's values, and set up your FitScore to meet your hiring needs!

We do offer a library of common questions – or you can create your own!

Creating a new question

To add a new screening question to your job template, open the job template and navigate to the Job Questions tab. Click on + Add Question.

  1. Choose between three question types:
    • text-based (short answer)
    • yes/no
    • single-choice
  2. Write your question in the blank space below.
  3. Set your desired answer. How do you want an applicant to answer?
    • For example: If your job is Delivery Driver and your question is "Do you have a valid driver's license," your desired answer would be "Yes."
    • You can also set your question up to auto-reject candidates who give a deal-breaking answer. This is only available for single-choice questions.
  4. Set your question's importance. How much do you want this specific question to factor into the FitScore for this job?


Screening question tips

Less is more! Too many job questions can affect your application completion rate. Our advice?

  • Keep your questions short and to the point. 👍
  • Is it relevant? What do you need to know now vs. in an interview? 💭
  • Limit the number of questions to 6 or fewer for a given job. 🚫
  • 3 questions is a sweet spot! 👍
  • Consider using multiple choice or yes/no questions, especially for BOH roles. ✔️
  • Avoid adding more than one short-answer question for non-management roles. 🚫
Make sure your questions are legal! Double-check that your questions can't be seen as discriminatory or unethical. If you're concerned, we recommend contacting a legal or HR expert familiar with the laws of your country, state, or province. And check out our tips on navigating Indeed policies!