What is a job template?

by Irène

Want to edit a job posting? There are two ways to make edits:

  1. Edit the job posting on the template level: Think of a job template as the blueprint for your job postings. Job templates allow you to update a job posting at ALL locations it is deployed to, rather than one location at a time. This helps you achieve consistency across all of your locations. 👈 you are here
  2. Edit the job posting on the job level: Changes will only apply to the single location that the job is linked to. This is great for updating location-specific information, like job requirements or scheduling needs that may only apply to one of your stores. Click here to learn how!

Let's get started!

  1. Head to your Templates page under the Admin > Content tab.
  2. Click on the title of the job you want to edit (or add a new template here).
  3. A template editing page will open up and you can make any changes necessary.
  4. A job template has 5 segments: Details, Locations, Availability, Questions, and FitScore. Click the name here to jump down to that section!


  • Set the job title. Tip: keep the title short and to the point!
  • Add information like payroll title, job category, schedule type, and salary info.
  • Write a job description and be sure to list any benefits!
  • List any job requirements.
  • A brief blurb about your company may be already imported from your brand page. You're welcome to customize this further!
  • Choose whether you want candidates to have the option (or requirement) to record a video cover letter


View which of your store locations a template is currently deployed at and add other locations to the template as needed.


Enter in your shift needs in the Availability tab. First, turn ON the days where you have shifts to fill. Add up to 4 shifts per day, using the plus icon and the trash icon to add and remove ranges of time.

  Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 9.40.32 AM.png

Checking Critical next to a shift indicates that it is a priority hiring need and should have a greater impact on candidates' FitScores.

The shifts you add in the Availability step are not visible to the applicant. We use your Availability answers to calculate your applicants' FitScores (how well their availability matches your needs). If you have a shift need that you want applicants to know about, consider including that in the job description or requirements under the Details tab!


Add any supplemental questions to your job template. Select from our repository of common questions or create your own! These questions will appear for applicants to this job at ALL locations it is deployed to.

Less is more! Too many job questions can affect your application completion rate. Our advice?

  • Keep your questions short and sweet. What do you need to know now vs. in an interview?
  • Consider using multiple choice or yes/no questions, especially for back-of-house roles.
  • Limit the number of questions to 6 or fewer for a given job.


Adjust your FitScore preferences for this role. Learn more here!

Can't access the Templates page? You may not have the permissions to do so. Company admins typically have access to edit templates and jobs, and they can also update other managers' access as needed. If you think you should have access to this, please check with a Company admin.