What Emails Are Automatically Sent To Applicants?

by Shelby Burke

Applicants receive different emails in different situations. They receive emails during their interview process, their onboarding process, and if they are rejected. Below are examples of what each email looks like. 


When an applicant submits their application they receive this email as confirmation. The employer receives their own email notifying them about the newly submitted applicant to review. The applicant will appear on the APPLICATIONS page. 



If an applicant submits an application that is lacking information, the employer can REQUEST MORE INFO from within an applicant's account. Requesting more information does withdraw the applicant from the employer's view and is not available for use until the applicant decides to re-submit. 



When an applicant is rejected from a job, they receive this email. The employer can reject an application from their APPLICATIONS page by "marking" the applicant's status as REJECTED.



When an employer invites the applicant to interview from their APPLICATIONS page, the applicant receives this email. This email shows which position the applicant is being invited to interview for along with where the interview will be held (or if it is a phone interview instead). A clickable link will allow the applicant to easily set up an interview. 



When an applicant chooses from one of the employer's available times to interview, the applicant receives this email. This email shows the date, time, and location of the interview (or will state if it's a phone interview). The applicant can add the information to their calendar with an easy click. As well as reschedule or cancel the interview before the date/time passes.



The applicant is reminded every 24 hours for the first 3 days via email and text to set up an interview. If the applicant does not choose a time to interview in those first 3 days, the applicant will continue to receive an email (and text) every 48 hours thereafter. This is what that email reminder looks like. Information about the position is mentioned in the email. 



24-hours before the interview is scheduled, the applicant receives this email. This email asks the applicant to confirm their interview. It also provides all of the pertinent information. Once the applicant confirms that they will show up, the employer is notified. The employer can also confirm if the applicant provided this information by viewing the GREEN CHECKMARK to the right of the applicant's name on their INTERVIEWS page.



If the applicant chooses a time, but the employer decides to cancel the interview (either because the position has been filled or another reason), this is the email the applicant will receive. The email lists when the interview was scheduled for as well as where it would have been held. An applicant might receive a similar email if they do not choose a time and the employer decides to cancel that invitation. The employer can cancel an interview from their INTERVIEWS page. 



When the employer decides to hire an applicant, the employer "marks" the applicant's status as PENDING ONBOARDING from their APPLICATIONS page which moves the applicant over to the ONBOARDING tab. From there, the employer can BEGIN ONBOARDING and fill out the applicant's information, job details, company information, and compensation. This is the email the applicant receives to accept their offer and complete their onboarding.



If the applicant does not begin their onboarding, they are sent this reminder email every 24-hours for the first 3 days. If the applicant does not begin their onboarding after those 3 days, the reminder does not send again automatically. The employer can send a reminder from their ONBOARDING tab. Once the applicant accepts the offer, they can begin onboarding and complete their digital paperwork.