Reviewing Applicants

by Derek Williamson

Applicants is the first page you see when you log in and also where you view all candidates for your roles. From here, you can do everything you need to hire.

You can filter and sort your applicants, open the candidate's application, mark their status, search for applicants, and select them for an interview.

Candidate Application

Selecting either the Applicant's Name or View Profile will allow you to view their full profile and application. Each profile begins with the essential candidate info as seen below:

This provides everything you need to know at a glance. You able to view the applicant's name, location, when they applied, their FitScore, and their Source. Additionally, you can also Print, Download, NoteInterview and mark their status in this top section.

Just below the top section, there are three tabs on each application: Resume, Answers, and Logs. 


The Resume tab is made up of 4 sections - Education, Experience, Skills and Availability. This is also where any attachments that the Applicant has included are kept. 

Education & Experience

The education & experience section is where you'll get a high-level look into their previous work history and any education they've taken part in. You'll get the pertinent details - the role/major, the company/school, the location & the dates they worked there or attended.


Skills is going to highlight any additional languages the applicant speaks and their fluency, any certifications or licenses they hold, and will also provide a high level summary of their skill set - whether it is in Retail, Admin, Hospitality or other. 


Availability captures the applicants available hours to work. Every blue block indicates a point in time where they are available to work. For the above example, the applicant is available from 9:00 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Sunday. 


The Answers tab allows you to see how the applicant answered all of the pre-screening questions that are built into each role. This is important if you are wondering which questions they were incorrect on and which questions they hit out of the park. The Questions asked on each role, and the associated weights and answers, can be viewed by clicking on the Job Title on the Locations tab.

Every pink answer is how the applicant answered and you can also view the other possible answers they had to choose from. Open-ended questions are not graded. 


Logs allow you to see any changes made to their profile and to see any previous interaction. Any notes will be logged here as well. 

For a video walkthrough,  visit Applicant Review