Where are my jobs posted? 🤔

by Shelby Burke

One of the great things about HigherMe is the multitude of job boards we connect with to share your job post! The ease and accessibility of editing and activating your job on our site and knowing that your job is shared amongst other sites is a weight lifted! Certainly much easier than posting the same job one by one on every single site. 

It also makes managing your applicants much easier! 

When an applicant applies, we share the source from which they applied to your job!


So, where are my jobs posted?

HigherMe uses a variety of different methods to spread your jobs far and wide across the Internet. That means that candidates could find your jobs in a lot of places, and it’s hard to give a definitive list of every single source. 

However, here are the top sites to which we share your jobs:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Google Jobs
  • Talent.com
  • LinkedIn (indirect)
  • SimplyHired
  • Juju
  • Glassdoor
  • JobInventory
  • Yakaz
  • Trovit
  • JobRapido
  • TopUSAJobs
  • Jooble
  • Jobdiagnosis
  • Monster (indirect)
  • Diginn
  • 70mjobs
  • Oodle
  • CareerJet

There’s no doubt about it, Indeed is a top job board and will likely be your main source of candidates. We suggest using HigherMe’s full partner network over a single source, however, because there’s no guarantee that the right candidate for you will find your job on just that one source. 

In order for your jobs to be accepted by Indeed’s job quality search team, please make sure that you are following these terms of compliance:

  • Post your job once on one source: If your jobs are already posted on Indeed, they will not accept your jobs from HigherMe as a secondary source. They also will not accept duplicate jobs posted in an attempt to get more organic traffic. 
  • Makes sure your job titles are simple and generic: Title your jobs as what they are, and nothing more.  Stay away from branded job titles, or offer extra information like signing bonuses. 
  • Jobs posted for as-needed or contract employees are likely to be declined: If you have these kinds of jobs, you will likely have to pay for sponsored visibility by Boosting your jobs.
  • Job Posts need to represent an actual offer of employment: Posts for job fairs or hiring events are likely to be declined. 

If you feel that your jobs are not receiving organic visibility, you can contact us to be sure or to take corrective action. 

Can I “refresh” my jobs?

HigherMe allows you to keep your jobs in an evergreen state, so they are always available for candidates to apply to them. 

Because we allow for this constant availability, your jobs automatically refresh on a schedule that is in compliance with each of our partner sites’ terms of service. For most of these sites, that schedule is every 30 days. 

The best way to disrupt this schedule to increase the visibility of your job is to sponsor a job through a paid Boost. 

Note: Practices that attempt to disrupt the refresh schedule outside of paid sponsorship are not advised by the HigherMe team. These practices may fall outside of the terms of service of our partner sites and may lead to your jobs being banned on those networks.