by Amelia Test

One of the most unique features of HigherMe is our FitScore which lets you use proven data to choose your next great hire. Each candidate will be given a FitScore which is composed of these factors:


Note: Candidates also get a boost in their score if they leave you a Video Cover Letter.

Setting up your Scoring

You can choose to modify these categories to fit your needs based on each job. 

Start by going to your Admin page, and clicking Templates. You can set the weight of each of these three categories on the Job Score menu so that your FitScores are reflective of your needs.


Distance is measured between the candidate’s home address and the address of the location where they applied. Currently, the FitScore calculates the applicant's distance into their score and the distance score is out of 20 points. If the applicant is less than 2 miles away from the store, they get the full 20 points, after that, they get -2 points for every single mile. After 12 miles their entire Fit Score is multiplied by 0.7

How important is distance to you?

You can answer that by setting the score weight. Choosing “Not Important” will ignore applicants distance to you, while “Critical” will make this factor account for more of the score.



This score matches the candidates availability to the hours that you define for this position. Click here for more information on setting Job Availability

How important is availability to you?

This is often a selection that is made for “Critical” weight because of the importance of staffing, but if you have a large staff and aren’t in need of a lot of shift-specific employees, you can mark this category as “Not Important.”


Job Questions (Assessment Matching)

Screening Questions is the place where you have the greatest opportunity to influence your FitScore. Spend some time here making sure every question is valuable to your hiring process. 

Click here to learn more about setting up your Job Questions.