Pre-screen with FitScore

by Irène

FitScore is our customizable ranking system that uses proven data to highlight your top applicants. When a candidate applies, they are assigned a FitScore percentage based on key elements of their application.


FitScore components

The FitScore is made up of three components:

  • Distance: This score accounts for the distance between the candidate’s home address and the address of the location where they applied. Distance is scored out of 20 points. If the applicant is less than 2 miles away from the store, they earn the full 20 points. After that, they get -2 points for every mile of distance. Above 12 miles, their entire FitScore is multiplied by 0.7.
  • Availability: This score matches the candidate's availability to the availability needs that you set up in the job template. You can adjust your availability needs (and whether they are "critical" or "normal") from within a template!
  • Answers to your screening questions: This score matches candidate's responses to your screening questions with your desired responses. You can edit your desired responses and the importance of each question from within a template.

Applicants that record a video cover letter will also get a small boost to their FitScore. ⚡

FitScore weights

  • Important: This is the default. The component will be counted in your FitScore as usual.
  • Not important: When you set a component's weight to "not important," that component will not be factored into FitScore.
  • Critical: When you set a component's weight to "critical," that component will count for a greater proportion of the FitScore.
    • Maybe you have a specific shift you really need to fill. If you set Availability to "critical" for that job, any applicants to the job will receive FitScores that take availability into extra consideration.

Editing FitScore for a specific job

We know that your criteria for hiring a cook might be different from your criteria for hiring a host or a delivery driver. That's why each job has its own FitScore set-up. You can adjust the weights of your scoring criteria and add custom screening questions for each job.

1. Pick a job whose FitScore set-up you would like to edit. Open up that job template.

2. On the left-hand side of that template, open the Job Questions tab.


3. You'll see a breakdown of the three FitScore components. Set the weight of each component to reflect your hiring needs for that role.

4. Don't forget to save your changes!