Why can't I find my jobs on Indeed?

by Shelby Burke

Indeed has a strict algorithm that will block duplicate job postings or require certain jobs to be "sponsored only"... a nice way of blocking you πŸ˜†. Indeed won't tell you when this happens or why this happens and leaves you wondering, "Why aren't my jobs appearing on Indeed?". After all, Indeed is the mother of all job boards! 

1. Before you start your hiring process with HigherMe, remove your own/personal job postings on INDEED as well as delete your Indeed account. These are two VERY important steps that will ensure that you get the most out of your HigherMe account. You can call Indeed at 1-800-462-5842 to get connected with a representative to help with this process. Let them know you are moving to a new ATS called HigherMe to make sure they only accept jobs from our feed. Once that is complete, you can set your jobs to ACTIVE on HigherMe. 

2. BE PATIENT! It takes up to 24 hours for your HigherMe jobs to appear on Indeed. Our XML feed sends jobs to Indeed daily. If you just set your jobs to active on HigherMe, give them a day before you see them appear. This is also true for any edits that you make to your job templates. Edits will appear to be visible within 24 hours. 

3. Sometimes jobs appear to not be shown if there are similar job postings (titles, descriptions) in similar areas. Indeed tends to omit one of the similar job postings in the search results. The jobs typically show the job seekers individual job posts based on their IP address. In this case, you can click the link that says "repeat your search with the omitted job posting included" at the bottom of the search.  Screen_Shot_2021-09-20_at_9.41.32_AM.png

4. Indeed has very particular specifications that they either approve or deny in a job post (generally, without telling you). Below is a list of Do's and Dont's that we've learned from Indeed: 

Indeed Postings Do's and Don'ts

βœ… DO:

  • Include keywords throughout the job post, not at the bottom (e.g. "related keywords: X, Y, Z")
  • Include a published pay wage
  • Include a list of benefits
  • Include inclusive language (e.g. welcoming candidates of any gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, physical ability, etc., to apply or offering accommodations for people who need it)
  • Include COVID-19 Safety Precautions
  • Include job location, shifts, hours, pay schedule, supplemental pay, etc.
  • Write job descriptions from the job seeker's point of view. Indeed's "creed" is that they help people get jobs. They care most about the job seeker's experience so make sure job postings include all relevant information that a job seeker may want to know


  • Don't include URL links (they do not turn into hyperlinks on Indeed)
  • Don't include "Daily Pay" in the job summary - it will get you blocked for "free" postings
  • Don't advertise for seasonal/contract positions - make it seem that you are hiring all year round, you can always turn the jobs OFF when you are not hiring for that role anymore
  • Don't include click-bait or anything "weird" into the job title (e.g. ROCKSTAR TEAM MEMBERS - GET PAID WEEKLY)
  • Don't include anything that can be found to be exclusive
  • Don't post multiple job posts for the same position
  • Don't post multiple job posts within the same post
  • Don't post directly on Indeed as well as posting through us