How Do I Onboard My First Candidate?

by Shelby Burke



With HigherMe, onboarding is paperless and easy to manage! 🎉 HigherMe provides the I9, W4, and state tax documents, while the employer provides the company documents such as the employee handbook, policies, and procedures that need to be signed at the time of onboarding. All onboarding is done via DocuSign and sent by email so new employees can sign everything digitally before their first day of work. 

  • From the APPLICATIONS page, choose the candidate you are ready to onboard and mark them as "Pending Onboarding". This will update their status to the left of their name as well as move them to the Onboarding page. 


  • From the ONBOARDING page, the employer will BEGIN ONBOARDING by clicking the orange button.


  • Applicant information is pulled over and auto-populated. There are a few fields that are optional or okay to be left blank for now, like the applicant's date of birth, which you might not know yet. Be sure to fill out the position, start date, employment type, and employment status as well. You can also require emergency contact information at the bottom of the page.


  • On the next page, you’ll see the offer letter which includes the start date and wage. This is an excellent place to double-check if all the information is correct. 


  • Next, you will see the hiring documents that will be sent to your applicant. The work eligibility form is the I9. We provide the W4, I9, and state tax forms by default, so you don’t need to send those separately. Those forms are always up to date to ensure that you stay in compliance with state and federal laws.


  • Lastly, you can review everything from the confirmation page. You can see the documents that will be sent, including the offer letter. Upon hitting "Submit", the employee will be notified that you have requested they complete your hiring paperwork. Please ensure there are no errors or missing documents prior to sending. 
  • After you submit the employees' onboarding, their status will change to ONBOARDING INVITE SENT. 


  • The applicant then receives an email and can immediately start completing their onboarding digitally! We recommend that the employee do their onboarding from a computer to get better results. Screen_Shot_2021-07-09_at_11.26.24_PM.png
  • When the applicant has completed their onboarding documents, the employer receives a notification. The final step is to REVIEW everything. This is where you will counter-sign the I9. This also gives you the chance to review the other documents they filled out and put any countersignatures on those too!


  • Legally, a new hire must be in person to present the employer with their documents (such as their ID and passport) to complete their onboarding. This can happen on the employee's first day or during orientation. Using the dropdown menu, select the types of documents.



  • If you need to enter 2 types of documents, a 2nd field will populate below the first.


  • Once complete, and you FINALIZE the employee, their status will be updated on your onboarding page listing their start date.



Woohoo! You did it! You completed onboarding your first candidate!