Video cover letters

by Irène

Want to add an extra splash of personality to your application process? Our video cover letter tool allows candidates to record a short introduction within their application.

Where can I find a candidate's video?

Open an application. If they chose (or were required) to include a video cover letter, you should see a blue View video profile link in the top right corner of their Resume tab.


Click the link to open and review their video!


Turning video cover letter on and off:

For each one of your jobs, you can choose to:

  • require a video cover letter
  • give candidates the option without requiring it
  • turn the video cover letter option off

Make changes to your video cover letter settings by opening a job template and scrolling down to the question, "Is a video cover letter required for this role?"

When should I ask for a video cover letter?

Does the role require a certain personality? ✨

Maybe you want someone extra well spoken for a customer-facing role, or maybe you're looking for a bright light for your host position. Sometimes it’s hard to spot that spark just going off of a resume. Video cover letters introduce you to a candidate’s personality before the interview stage.

Is this job typically hard to hire for? ✋

If your role is already hard to hire for, then you might not want to add a video cover letter to the application process. While it can provide valuable insight into a candidate's personality, it does add extra friction to the application flow. Consider turning video off for your hard-to-hire jobs.

Note: Applications that come in via Indeed and ZipRecruiter are not able to support the video cover letter feature. Applicants that apply via these job boards rather than directly through HigherMe will not see the video cover letter step in their application flow, regardless of whether you have turned it on. Still want a video from these applicants? Use the Request more info button!