Getting Started

  • HigherMe Referral Program

    Refer a friend and get $100 off your HigherMe subscription when your referral signs up! How can I refer a f...

    Shelby Burke
  • Contacting HigherMe (For Employers)

    Can't find what you're looking for in our Help Center? 🧐 Contact us! We're happy to help! Our team is avail...

    Shelby Burke
  • Can't see your jobs on Indeed? 😧

    You may need to contact Indeed to set HigherMe as your preferred primary source of job postings and to veri...

    Shelby Burke
  • Why can't I find my jobs on Indeed?

    Indeed has a strict algorithm that will block duplicate job postings or require certain jobs to be "sponsor...

    Shelby Burke
  • What is HigherMe Reach?

    HigherMe Reach is a new and easy way to reach millions of applicants that live in our database! ...

    Shelby Burke
  • Quick-start / Quick-return Guide

    If you're just getting started with HigherMe, or recently returning from a long hiring hiatus, then you've ...

    Shelby Burke
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Job Posts and Templates

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Screening Tools

  • Screening Questions: What's the deal? 👀

    We're always thinking of ways to increase application volume, but what if the real problem is that we're ju...

    Shelby Burke
  • Can I set HigherMe to automatically reject unqualified candidates?

    Yes! With our knock-out question feature, you are able to set HigherMe to automatically reject unqualified ...

    Shelby Burke
  • Video Cover Letters 🎥

    Get to know your candidate's personalities a little more with our Video Cover Letter feature! This tool al...

    Shelby Burke
  • Editing: Job Availability

    Hiring for specific shifts is very common! With our Job Availability grid, you can identify candidates that...

    Shelby Burke
  • Edits: Screening Questions

    Screening Questions are where you can have the biggest impact on your candidate's FitScore and application ...

    Shelby Burke
  • FitScore 💪

    One of the most unique features HigherMe offers is our FitScore which lets you use proven data to choose yo...

    Shelby Burke

Managing your Candidates

  • What Emails Are Automatically Sent To Applicants?

    Applicants receive different emails in different situations. They receive emails during their interview pro...

    Shelby Burke
  • How Often Should I Log Into HigherMe?

    Everyday! ✨ BUT, if you do not want to log into HigherMe every day (even though expedience can go a long wa...

    Shelby Burke
  • How does the "Request More Info" button work?

    The Request More Info button can help provide you with missing information from a canddaite. When you click...

    Shelby Burke
  • Reviewing Applicants

    The Applications page is the first page you see when you log in to HigherMe. This is where you can view and...

    Shelby Burke
  • Applicant Profiles 🧑‍💻

    Sometimes a candidate likes your brand SO MUCH that they will apply to multiple jobs, multiple locations, o...

    Shelby Burke
  • Applicant Statuses ✅

    HigherMe allows you to track applicants throughout the hiring process, and quickly filter through Applicant...

    Shelby Burke
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Interview Scheduling

  • Multiple Rounds of Interviews 💼

    You might find it helpful to meet with the applicant more than once! If you are interested in doing so, fol...

    Shelby Burke
  • Interview Scheduling: Overview

    So, you've found some great candidates and you're ready to interview them? Let's do this! Before you can in...

    Shelby Burke
  • Can I host group interviews? 🤔

    Yes! From your INTERVIEWS page, you can edit your schedule to allow for multiple applicants to attend the ...

    Shelby Burke
  • Can I sync interviews with my calendar? 📆

    Yes! HigherMe can sync with iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo. To add your calendar, simply select ...

    Shelby Burke
  • How do I add/remove interview times? 📆

    Changes to your schedule can be made anytime! + TO ADD INTERVIEW TIMES: 1. From your INTERVIEWS page, selec...

    Shelby Burke

Employee Onboarding


  • What are Exports? 📈

    Exports help you gain actionable insights and make informed business decisions by creating your own persona...

    Shelby Burke
  • Average Response Time ⏰

    Average Response Time is a metric that can be used to optimize your hiring process like how quickly you are...

    Shelby Burke
  • Adding tracking links to your postings 🔗

    If you've ever wanted to post your jobs outside of HigherMe and track if candidates are coming from that so...

    Shelby Burke
  • Reporting Overview 📈

    The REPORTS tab provides you with deeper insights into how candidates are finding you, where the best poten...

    Shelby Burke

Talent Pool & HigherMe Reach

  • Talent Pool: Finding Top Talent 🕵️

    Talent Pool is a robust database of active job seekers looking for their next opportunity and waiting for Y...

    Shelby Burke
  • Talent Pool - Contacting a Candidate 👋

    Found someone you think might be your next all-star employee? 🤩 Great! 1. Select the Contact button beside ...

    Shelby Burke
  • Talent Pool: Credits 💰

    If you have Talent Pool access as a part of your subscription, you will receive a set number of CREDITS ev...

    Shelby Burke


  • What is Text-to-Apply?

    Text-to-Apply gives job seekers in your community a way to start applying to your jobs faster, right from t...

    Shelby Burke

Settings and Notifications

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

    The Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal grant program available to employers for hiring indiv...

    Shelby Burke

Partners and Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

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