Getting Started

  • Does HigherMe have a referral program?

    Refer a friend and get $100 off your HigherMe subscription when your referral signs up!   How can I refer a...

  • Contacting HigherMe (For Employers)

    If you can't find what you're looking for here in our Help Center, we're here to help! Our team is availabl...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Quick-start / Quick-return Guide

    If you're just getting started with HigherMe, or recently returning from a long hiring hiatus, then you've ...

  • How Can I Sign Up with HigherMe?

    If you are a new client interested in using HigherMe to find top talent, please contact our sales team at s...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Hiring Success with HigherMe: Top 5 Tips

    Welcome to HigherMe! Now that you've joined us, let’s make sure you get the most out of HigherMe's powerful...

    Elysa Ericsson
  • Preview your Job Posts

    You can easily preview your job posts by clicking on the Job Title from the Locations page. This will take ...

    Amelia Mehaffey
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Job Posts and Templates

  • Boosting your Job with Paid Sponsorships

    Let's face it, some jobs are just hard to find candidates for. Here you are with a great, well-paying oppor...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • How do I add a new job to my account?

    If you would like to add a new job or location, please head on over to your Jobs page. From there, you shou...

    Heather Dolan
  • Controlling Your Job Posts with Templates

    What are Job Templates? Job Templates are a way to manage your job post content across all of your location...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • How do I edit my jobs?

    If you have the correct user permissions, you edit your jobs at any time from your Admin Dashboard in Highe...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Job Template Details

    HigherMe Job Templates is a tool that allows you to control consistent job posts across your organization. ...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • How to Write a Great Job Posting

    A great job post will inform and entice a candidate. It is both a place to advertise the perks of working f...

    Amelia Mehaffey

Screening Tools

  • Video Cover Letters

    Want to get to know your candidates before you even make a first phone call? It’s easy with our Video Cover...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Job Availability

    Hiring for specific shifts is very common. With our Job Availability grid, you can identify candidates that...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Job Questions

    Job Questions is where you can have the biggest impact on your candidate FitScore and application process. ...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • FitScore

    One of the most unique features of HigherMe is our FitScore which lets you use proven data to choose your n...

    Amelia Mehaffey

Managing your Candidates

  • Reviewing Applicants

    Applicants is the first page you see when you log in and also where you view all candidates for your roles....

    Derek Williamson
  • Applicant Profiles

    Sometimes a candidate likes your brand SO MUCH that they will apply to multiple jobs, multiple locations, o...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Applicant Statuses

    HigherMe allows you to track applicants throughout the hiring process, and quickly filter though Applicants...

    Derek Williamson
  • Notes on Candidates

    Adding Notes on candidates is a great way to help highlight important facts or questions you have for them....

    Derek Williamson

Interview Scheduling

  • Interview Scheduling Overview

    So, you found some great candidates and you're ready to interview them? HigherMe's interview scheduling to...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • Are group interviews supported?

    Yes! You can enable multiple interviews to be scheduled under the same time slot. When updating your inter...

    Derek Williamson
  • Can I sync interviews with my calendar?

    Yes! HigherMe can sync with your iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar application. To add your...

    Derek Williamson
  • How do I add/remove interview times?

    Changes to your schedule can be made at any time, and applicants only see your most current schedule.  On y...

    Derek Williamson


  • Average Contact Time

    Average Contact Time and Average Response Time are the two metrics that can be used to measure your hiring ...

  • Adding tracking links to your postings

    If you've ever wanted to post your job outside of HigherMe but wanted to know if your candidates are actual...

  • Reporting Overview

    The Reports section provides you with deeper insights into how candidates are finding you, where the best ...

    Derek Williamson

Talent Pool

  • Talent Pool: Finding Top Talent First

    Welcome to Talent Pool!  Talent Pool is a robust database of active job seekers looking for their next oppo...

    Derek Williamson
  • Contacting a Candidate

    Found someone you think might be your next all-star employee? Great! Select the pink Contact button beside...

    Derek Williamson
  • When are Contact credits used?

    If you have Talent Pool access as part of your subscription, you will receive a set number of Credits or C...

    Derek Williamson


  • What is Text-to-Apply?

    Text-to-Apply is a great way to reach job seekers in and around your business, or elsewhere in the communit...

    Derek Williamson
  • Where should my Text-to-Apply materials be placed?

    The more people who see your Text-to-Apply materials, the more people who will apply! We recommend placing ...

    Derek Williamson

Settings and Notifications

  • What do candidate emails look like?

    If you would like to see what the HigherMe rejection, application submission, and other emails look like, p...

  • User Role Permissions

    Here is a brief overview of each user permission, and what restrictions each role comes with. Each category...

  • Have a feature request? (For Employers)

    We're recently launched our new employer feature request board. You can vote on popular suggestions we've r...

  • Troubleshooting Email Deliverability

    If you're ever wondering why you aren't receiving emails from HigherMe, then you've come to the right place...

  • Changing your Settings

    Settings allow you to set your preferences on communication. This is where you can toggle when you get noti...

    Derek Williamson
  • Settings & Administration of HigherMe

    Settings is found in the upper right hand corner under the profile photo. On mobile or smaller screens, thi...

    Chris White
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Partners and Integrations

  • E-Verify

    E-Verify is an integrated screening tool available as part of HigherMe’s Paperless Onboarding.   What is E-...

  • Checkr

    Availability: Only available as an addon to Onboarding. Note: Before you can activate Checkr, please contac...

  • 7shifts

    At HigherMe, we’re committed to helping owners and operators hire the best employees, all while saving time...

    Amelia Mehaffey
  • WOTC Overview

    The Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal grant program available to employers for hiring indiv...

    Derek Williamson

Frequently Asked Questions

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