Getting Started

  • What is HigherMe?

    HigherMe is a platform to connect job seekers with great jobs! For those on the job hunt, HigherMe is compl...

    Derek Williamson
  • Creating an Account

    HigherMe allows you to browse available jobs without an account, but when it comes time to apply for that p...

    Derek Williamson
  • Updating Your Profile

    You can update your profile info, availability, preferences and video cover letter at any time. To view yo...

    Derek Williamson
  • How do I apply for jobs?

    It's easy to apply for a job on HigherMe! You can even do it right from your phone. Find a job that you th...

    Derek Williamson

Managing Your Applications

Landing the Job

Changes To Your Account

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you no longer want your HigherMe account, please contact support. We can delete your account, but keep i...

    Derek Williamson
  • How can I change/update my phone number?

    You can change or update your phone number in your main profile at any time! Click the profile circle in th...

    Derek Williamson
  • How do I reset my password?

    Forgot your password or need to reset it? No problem. From the main HigherMe page, go to Sign In where you ...

    Derek Williamson
  • Email Address Update

    To change your email address we just need to confirm the old (or incorrect) email address that you currentl...

    Chris White
  • How can I change/update my name on my profile?

    Your full name is directly tied to your HigherMe account, which means it cannot easily be changed. If you e...

    Derek Williamson

Frequently Asked Questions

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