Best Practices for Interview No-Shows πŸ™Œ

by Shelby Burke

We're sorry to hear that you've had such a high rate of interview no-shows. That problem is certainly frustrating, and we know that it is one that many employers in many different industries are fighting right now.


Here are some of our best practices to try and prevent interview no-shows:


  • Interview Reminders – Interview reminders make sure that applicants who aren’t going to show up cancel instead of ghosting.
    • HigherMe automatically sends multiple interview reminders to candidates via text and email, but a personal phone call from you the day before the interview could also help.
  • Better Applicant Filtering Before the Interview – Sometimes you can spot warning signs that someone will be a no-show for an interview, like not uploading a resume or giving poor answers to screening questions.
    • Having a good set of Screening Questions can help you determine if someone is willing to put some effort into applying for your job. If they are, that indicates a high level of interest in your job, and it's more likely that they will show up for the interview.
    • You can update the screening questions on your job from Admin>Templates. Here is more detailed information about that tool: Editing your Job Templates
  • Consider Group Interviewing Techniques – Group interviews not only let you see how applicants work in teams or interact with others, but they also let you meet many applicants at once.
    • If a few applicants ghost, you can still run your group interview with the other candidates.
    • When you invite candidates for interviews, use the "Allow multiple applicants to attend same interview slot" to invite people to your group interview.

I hope these best practices help! Reach out to if you have any questions.