Multiple Rounds of Interviews ๐Ÿ’ผ

by Shelby Burke

You might find it helpful to meet with the applicant more than once! If you are interested in doing so, follow these simple steps!

ROUND 1 Interview:

  • Invite the applicant to interview as normal


NOTE: Their status will change from NEW to CONTACTED and the interview button will change to INVITED TO INTERVIEW

ROUND 2 Interview:

  • After their original interview date and time pass, and you are interested in setting up a second interview, you can simply mark their status as NEW again - which will prompt the interview button! From there, repeat step 1. 


NOTE: Each time you invite the applicant to interview, a note is created within their profile in their notes tab. It is encouraged to leave notes from each round of interviews there as well to stay informed during the process.


Happy hiring!