Knockout Questions 🥊

by Shelby Burke

Oftentimes, employers ask specific questions that they consider to be deal-breakers. With HigherMe’s Knockout Questions, disqualifying applicants based on deal-breaking questions is easy and helps improve the overall housekeeping process of your applications page.

1. From your TEMPLATES page, choose a template you want to add a knockout question too

2. Click on QUESTIONS -> +ADD QUESTION -> SINGLE CHOICE Screen_Shot_2022-07-08_at_9.07.40_AM.png

3. Type in your question, type in your answer options, and choose if the answer is GOOD, BAD, or AUTO-REJECT


When candidates answer the question and choose the knockout answer, they will automatically be assigned a fit score of 0 and their status will update automatically to “auto-rejected”.

Auto-reject is a system-only status, meaning if an employer makes a selection on the “Mark As” section, they can’t choose the auto-reject status. This helps ensure that we can separate which candidates were truly rejected by the system versus a user.

The auto-reject status will still be treated the same as “rejected” for all other dependencies, i.e. reporting.

To the candidate, these questions wouldn’t appear any different from any of the other questions in the flow. Even if a candidate answers “incorrectly” on a deal-breaker question, they will finish the application as they normally would.

NOTE: Use this option for questions that are truly deal-breakers such as being above a certain age, etc.