How do I pause or cancel my account or location?

by Shelby Burke

We understand that hiring needs change and might cause you to pause or cancel your account; you might be fully staffed, a location closed, or you're a seasonal company. Whatever your reason, pausing and canceling your account should be made easy!

To PAUSE or CANCEL an account or location email

βœ‹ PAUSING: Know that by pausing your location, you will not be able to move any applications for that location forward through Hiring or Onboarding, and those applications become read-only. This pause will happen immediately. 

πŸ›‘ CANCELING: Know that by canceling your account, per company policy, your subscription will cancel on the next renewal. You will still have access to the platform until then.

We are striving to constantly improve and want to ensure that HigherMe continues to provide the highest level of support. If you have a minute, please take this quick feedback survey so that we can continue to improve.

NOTE: Turning your jobs to OFF does not indicate a paused or canceled account. OFF jobs simply imply that you are not hiring for that role. We are not notified of jobs that are set to OFF. You will still be charged for the account/location even if those jobs are OFF, so be sure to email us to pause or cancel your account. 

Good luck with your future hiring, and please let us know if we can serve you again! 😎✨