How do background checks work through HigherMe?

by Shelby Burke

HigherMe partners with Checkr, a professional background check service that expedites the screening process while maintaining quality and quantity, to help remove barriers for companies to find and onboard great talent seamlessly!

To set up Checkr, follow the steps below and email to let us know! 😄

Connecting Checkr to HigherMe

Step 1: Connect to Checkr 

Once logged into HigherMe, navigate to the Partners Dashboard. You must be signed in as a COMPANY ADMIN to be able to activate the integration. 



Step 2: Sign Up or Sign In to Checkr

Once you click on the Checkr tab, you'll be brought to the Checkr integration tab. From here, all you need to do is click on the Authenticate button.



Step 3: Complete Checkr Sign-Up

Complete the three-step process of creating a new Checkr account. You are required to enter payment information but it can be changed at any time and before you run your first check. You will see the default packages that will be automatically included in your account, these can be changed as well by reaching out to



Step 4: Checkr Activation

You will receive an email when Checkr has received your information, it will take up to 3 business days for your new account to be created. Once your account is ready you will receive an email and your activation will be complete, you can now start ordering background checks from the HigherMe platform.


Ordering and Reviewing Checks

Step 1: Add a background check to Candidate Onboarding
Add your background check to your candidates’s onboarding profile along with their other onboarding information. Once added, the Candidate won’t be able to complete their onboarding without entering their information to start the background check process.


The Candidate will receive an email and SMS to start the onboarding process, from inside HigherMe they will be prompted to start the background check before they can move through onboarding. 


Candidate View:



Step 2: Review background status 

Once the background check is completed, you will be able to see the status and click-through to view the entire report in Checkr.


Checkr Reports

View all report details and manage adjudication and any adverse action all within Checkr. 


Checkr Clear Report:



Checkr Consider Report: