CFA: I am getting an address error when finalizing my employee. What should I do?

by Shelby Burke
As the employer, you're alerted to the issue when you go to FINALIZE your employee.
In this case, the address error suggests that the 'East Hartford' address is incorrect. This could be because the county, zip code, or city itself is listed incorrectly. CFA uses a program called OpenStreetMaps. You can log in here to confirm the address. If the issue persists, ✨the best way to fix the information is to email to find out what the correct address is.✨ This will be especially helpful if it is a county error because you will be able to learn and fix this in the future yourself! 
Here is an example email you can send:

Hi Vendor Bridge Team!

I am getting an error for [COMPANY NAME] with this address [INSERT ADDRESS]. Could you please have a look into this?


[ NAME, CFA Operator]


Here are some other errors that you may come across when finalizing employees in HigherMe:


Invalid Social Security Number

This error lets you know that the system had trouble validating the SSN that the employee entered in during their onboarding. To fix this, you can move their onboarding back to in progress from the error screen. The employee can then log back in to access their onboarding in HigherMe and make the correction to the SSN field in the personal step of the onboarding process.

It is important to note though that the SSN that they entered does automatically populate into some of the standard onboarding forms (work eligibility form, tax forms, etc.), so any documents that have incorrect information on them may need to be re-issued to the candidate to redo. More information on this can be found here.



Duplicate/Existing Employee

This error lets you know that the system detected the employee already in the CFA system, (typically may have been employed at another Chick-Fil-A location or have been added to the HR Payroll manually) but with mismatched details so it is not able to export them. We recommend pulling up their existing account in HR Payroll and checking that the tax details, bank account, and other personal information are up to date with the onboarding that they submitted through HigherMe.


Please attach a CFA Job Title to the Job Posting

This error lets you know that a job template has not been attached yet. You will set this up in HigherMe under your Partners tab HERE. The templates you see on that page are your job templates in HigherMe & they need to be attached to the CFA equivalent so that employees can be exported correctly:

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.41.20 PM.png

Have you finalized an employee's onboarding, but still aren't seeing them in HR Payroll?

Employees are attached ~20 minutes after their onboarding has been finalized, but you can view any export errors from your Partners page > Onboarded Employees. If there was an error exporting the employee, you will see the "Attach Failed" note next to them and the option to view the error:



Any further questions? Email us at!