CFA: I am getting an address error when finalizing my employee. What should I do?

by Shelby Burke
As the employer, you're alerted to the issue when you go to FINALIZE your employee.
In this case, the address error suggests that the 'East Hartford' address is incorrect. This could be the county, zip code, or city itself is listed incorrectly. CFA uses a program called OpenStreetMaps You can log in here to confirm the address. If the issue persists, ✨the best way to correct the information is to email to find out what the correct address is.✨ This will be especially helpful if it is a county error, you will be able to learn and fix this in the future youself! 
Here is an example email you can send:

Hi Vendor Bridge Team!

I am getting an error for [COMPANY NAME] with this address [INSERT ADDRESS]. Could you please have a look into this?


CFA Operator