How can I connect my HigherMe jobs with my Facebook page?

by Shelby Burke

HigherMe allows employers to connect their jobs with their Facebook page to help enhance the number of applications received. ✨

Facebook, like Indeed, is a great source of applicant traffic and flow. With Facebook, however, applicants could apply in different ways giving them multiple avenues to explore your job postings: 

BRANDING: Applicants targeted with your brands ads directing them to your page and making them one step closer to exploring your jobs. 

DIRECT TRAFFIC: Applicants who know they want to apply and work for your brand. 

👀 Below are step-by-step instructions AND a quick video on connecting your jobs: 

1. Login to your Facebook page. 

2. Add the JOBS tab via "edit tabs", if you do not already have one. 


3. Navigate to your JOBS tab. Based on your address, Facebook will automatically attempt to match the jobs that are associated with your page.


4. Connect the JOBS and voila! 

If you do not see your jobs or are having trouble connecting them, feel free to reach out to

NOTE: Facebook may modify the formatting of the job post to adhere to their guidelines.