Low applicant flow tips & suggestions!

by Shelby Burke
Hiring in today's climate is tricky! 🥴 With the pandemic still very much alive, applicants are less enthusiastic about returning to work or working the frontlines. 
Though that won't stop us from hiring and providing you with some tips and suggestions for finding the candidate you're looking for! 💪
Tips & suggestions: 
  • Templates - Ensure all of your Job Templates have pay rates, benefits, and clean job titles for specific jobs. Learn how you can improve your job postings!
  • Screening Questions - Offer 3-6 screening questions per job! Learn how to edit your screening questions!
  • Jobs - Manage your hiring status and turn off job posts you are not actively hiring for. Having extra jobs posted will dilute your results.
  • Keywords - Utilize keywords throughout your job description where possible. In your area, “hiring immediately”, “teen” is popular. 
  • Boosts - Boost positions where you need them. You may need to utilize more budget than normal. We’ve seen the Cost per Click for Indeed campaigns increase over 50% in the last 2 months - it’s fiercely competitive right now!
  • Text-to-Apply -We've seen some clients have incredible success with the Text-to-Apply tool. Text-to-Apply gives job seekers in your community a way to start applying to your jobs faster, right from their phones! Get your poster printed with our partner ClientRocket
  • Employee Referrals & Retention - Consider employee referral and retention programs to keep current staff happy and engaged. Make your workplace fun! 
  • Weekly Payroll - consider offering weekly payroll. Getting paid every week can be very enticing. 
  • Convert key staff to salary - Offering salary can allow for more loyalty and better benefits within the company.
  • Emphasize Flexibility - when employees understand their job offers flexibility, they can easily and freely continue to pursue their own hobbies and goals.

Check out more information on how to improve your job postings!

NOTE: We were previously seeing what was called a “labor market pinch” 🤏. Indeed, ZipRecruiter and other job boards were reporting that postings have dramatically increased, but the candidate pool has shrunk. Here’s the latest report from Indeed: https://www.hiringlab.org/2021/03/29/job-postings-through-march-26-2021/