My job description on Indeed is wrong! πŸ˜–

by Shelby Burke

You may have noticed that some of the information appears in a different order or with different formatting than your Job Template in HigherMe. This can feel confusing and frustrating! Especially since you just updated your job postings on HigherMe. πŸ‘€

It takes up to 24 hours for any changes made to your job posting to appear on Indeed or other job boards!

HigherMe sends your job posting information to all job boards in the same general format, but job boards ultimately choose how to display this information to job seekers. Each job board uses slightly different formatting and prioritizes information differently. For example, Indeed commonly will put the Company Description first in your posting, followed by the job description. 

Unfortunately, HigherMe has limited control over this. The good news, however, is that by allowing job boards to determine the display of information, they will optimize your postings so that they can be found more effectively with their system's search tools. 

From your TEMPLATES page, you can edit any job template. Once you are done, remember to save! And by tomorrow, your ads will be updated! ✨



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