Why are some of the details on the application missing or inaccurate?

by Ilya


Why are some of the details like distance and the resume incorrect when viewing a candidate's application?



When an applicant applies on a job board like Indeed, their information is transferred into our system.

Because some job boards don't require that applicants provide full details on their application, such as job history or their address, our system attempts to fill in the blanks.

Here are some situations that you can run into

Applicant applied from too far away

If you notice that the candidate's distance is an absurd number, such as 1000 miles, it's likely that they didn't provide an exact address on their application. Make sure to double-check that their address is filled out on the application. In most of these cases, you'll see a partial one like "Boston, MA" which would explain why the system thinks that the applicant is far away.


Applicant's job experience start and end dates are the same

This happens when an applicant provides their experience on job board like Indeed, but doesn't provide a start/end date. Our system takes the current date and sets that as the start and end date to make sure there are no errors when viewing the application.



Other missing details

If there are other missing details, it's likely that the candidate didn't provide them when filling out the application on a job board.