My candidate isn't receiving their onboarding invitation. What should I do?

by Shelby Burke

Sometimes applicants have trouble accessing their onboarding paperwork either because they are logged into another HigherMe account that they made, or maybe they are logged into a phone when really a computer would be better. This article can help navigate this issue!

OPTION 1: Send your candidate their onboarding link manually via email

Log into your HigherMe account and head over to your ONBOARDING page. From there, choose the candidate who is having issues. Click on the CHAINLINK to copy their onboarding invitation. From your email, send the candidate this link. 


OPTION 2: Direct your candidate to log into their HigherMe account to access their onboarding paperwork: see here

From their profile picture in the top right corner, they can use the drop-down menu to click on their APPLICATIONS page. *Make sure they are logged into HigherMe using the same email address that they received their interview or onboarding information*


Once on their applications page, direct them to find the job that says "Congratulations! You're Hired! Continue Onboarding" and click the "continue onboarding" link. 


This will pull up their job details, and show their pay rate, start date, and their offer letter. They can review everything here and when they are ready, have them click CONTINUE. Screen_Shot_2021-07-10_at_11.05.40_PM.png

They will continue filling out any information that is needed and continue onto the next page where they can view and sign the onboarding documents.

✨After they sign and complete all the information, they MUST hit SUBMIT! ✨