Completing your onboarding paperwork

by Irène

You've just heard you were hired and you've opened your onboarding paperwork. What next?

Job details

Once you have your onboarding open, you should see a page with the details of your new job (including pay rate, start date, and location) as well as an offer letter. Review everything on this page and when you're ready, click Continue.


The Personal step will ask you your legal name, address, phone number, SSN/SIN, emergency contact, and other important info. Be sure to enter your correct information in all required fields.


If your employer has chosen to include this step, you may be asked for your direct deposit information. If this step is optional, you will have the option to skip it by checking "I do not wish to provide my direct deposit information." If you do not see that checkbox, then this step is required.

You may be asked to upload a photo of a void check or a direct deposit slip. (This helps your employer make sure your deposits end up in the right account.) Many banks will let you print off a direct deposit slip from your online banking portal!

No bank account? Ask your employer about direct deposit alternatives.

Tax info

When prompted, fill out any required questions about tax filing and withholding.


At the end, you will see a page with several documents for you to sign. Once you've submitted these, your onboarding tasks are complete!

Still have questions?

If your question is about your new job (start date, pay info, policies, etc.) please contact your employer directly.

If you're having trouble filling out your paperwork or are unsure what something means, we're here to help! Email us at