What are Exports? πŸ“ˆ

by Shelby Burke

Exports help you gain actionable insights and make informed business decisions by creating your own personalized downloadable data report. πŸ“‘πŸ“ˆπŸ“€

To run a new export, click on your EXPORTS tab.


You can run exports to gain data on active employees, applicants, sourcing, locations, jobs, and manager logins. This information can be helpful when funneling into other systems such as an HRIS platform, payroll, or an excel file. 

  • Active Employees: This report shows a list of all the employees who were successfully onboarded within the selected date range & contains all of their necessary information (columns are displayed within the report)
  • Applicants: This report shows a list of all the applicants who applied within a certain date range. You have the option to filter based on application status if you only wanted to look at applicants who are "interviewed" for instance along with other parameters such as the location and job they applied for.
  • Application Sourcing: This report looks at applicants who applied within the selected date range and tracks their progress in the system. As an example, if you run this report for the month of August, it will show you everyone who applied only in August and show you their "current" status. This gives you a picture of where they are right now.
  • Location / Job Statistics: This report shows you status updates made during the dates you are running the report. Using the August example, you would see how many candidates were marked as "interviewed" in this timeframe, regardless of when they applied. The goal is to let companies track what changes they made to applicant statuses
  • Manager Logins: This report shows the manager activity within the selected date range so that you can see when they last logged into the system. It also highlights which managers have never logged in.

Choose the date range, location, and jobs you’d like to analyze as well as any additional filters such as employment type, employment status, and state. Each field of the report is fully customizable, you can create a +CUSTOM FIELD, or move the order of the fields around. Any changes you make will appear on your downloaded Excel report.

Screen_Shot_2022-06-10_at_11.45.40_AM.pngFeel free to save your filters for any future exporting and set a recurring export to run as often as you’d like. These exports will automatically populate in your export history. Once your filters are all set, you can run your export!  You can also view and download your export history over time as well as find your saved exports to run again!