How do I see what onboarding documents I have set up in my account? πŸ‘€

by Shelby Burke

The best way to see which documents you have set up in your account is to add yourself as a new hire! This process is great because it also allows you the opportunity to practice onboarding! 😎

  • From your ONBOARDING tab, click the pink ADD NEW HIRE button at the top. 


  • From there, continue through the process of entering in your "applicant" information. Feel free to practice with yourself or someone you know! You only need to enter information in the required fields to move through the pages. Click CONTINUE once you are done. 


  • Next, you are taken to the offer letter page. Feel free to ignore this page, as you aren't really offering yourself a job. (Usually, this is a great place to double-check that all the information is correct - however, since we are just looking for your documents, you can ignore this). πŸ‘€
  • Finally, you will show up on your DOCUMENTS page where your custom company documents live.
  • Click VIEW to see the PDF versions of the documents. (Setting up your company documents is done during your implementation)


  • Once you are done viewing the documents, you can head back to your dashboard and CANCEL the onboarding by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the name. This will remove the onboarding record completely. 


You might realize that you need to add an additional document that you don't see here. If so, check out this help article!