What is HigherMe Reach?

by Shelby Burke
HigherMe Reach is a new and easy way to reach millions of applicants that live in our database! It is currently available to all clients!

To access these applicants, simply head over to your JOBS page and select the job that is in need of more applicants.
  • Click on the pink BOOST button and choose HigherMe Reach. Our system quickly checks the city and job category to find applicants for you. Parameters from the cities setup are pulled and expected candidate reach is displayed.

If a reach is possible, you’ll be able to confirm and submit your request. If there are no applicants in your area, a message will appear letting you know there are no available applicants. Once submitted, emails are sent out to eligible applicants encouraging them to apply. Only candidates who are “New” and have not been actioned yet like “Rejected” or “Future Candidates” will be accessible in HigherMe reach.

The difference between other sponsored options, such as Indeed or Craigslist, versus HigherMe Reach is the control around the parameters that are created. Each city can have its list of variables regarding the quality of applicants, distance, best times to reach applicants, and so on. For instance, the "area" is a radius of about 10 miles, and we have limits around how many times an applicant may be contacted by any employer which eliminates "spamming" of emails. A single candidate may be contacted a total of 3 times but there is a 30-day waiting period after they have been included in a boost for a specific job before they may be contacted for that same job again. We have thoughtfully considered all parameters and limits to generate interest and applications!

Once a boost type has been selected, an icon will appear indicating that the boost is currently active.
If you have any questions about HigherMe reach, you can contact our support team at friends@higherme.com

Happy Hiring!