How can I onboard a candidate who doesn't apply online?

by Shelby Burke

Walk-in candidates can be a great source of applicants and you may be ready to hire on the spot! 

  • You can easily add a new hire who didn't apply online by clicking the ADD NEW HIRE button from your ONBOARDING tab. This can be used for any applicant that didn’t apply through HigherMe.

NOTE: Because they aren’t already in the system, you will need to manually enter in their information (name, email address, the position, etc.)

Once that’s complete, the applicant will receive an email to complete their side of the onboarding. They will populate in your onboarding tab with a status that says “onboarding invite sent” - just like all other HigherMe applicants. You will be able to track their onboarding progress like all of your other applicants through the onboarding tab as well.