Naughty List: Known Software that can interfere with HigherMe 😈

by Shelby Burke

We do everything we can to ensure that HigherMe works everywhere you are, however you need to access it. 

Unfortunately, some third-party software does not play nicely with ours and can cause issues. Here is a list of known offenders to help diagnose any problems you may be experiencing:

  • Pop-up blockers

Problem: Interfere with filters, dropdown menus, and third-party integrations like Checkr and E-Verify.

Solution: Disable the pop-up blocker on all HigherMe pages for best performance.

  • Internet Explorer

Problem: Changes to hiring statuses, adding notes, and more may not save correctly while using this browser. As Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, we are unable to fix known issues here. 

Solution: We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Honey Chrome extension

Problem: This popular online shopping Chrome extension sits β€œon top” of websites to find promo codes and deals for you. Unfortunately, it can also interfere with search filters and certain action buttons on HigherMe.

Solution: You will need to go into the Honey extension and disable it temporarily, or remove the extension from your work browser. A temporary workaround is to use an Incognito window to access HigherMe.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these solutions - no worries! Our customer support team is here to help. Contact our team at so we can help troubleshoot. 

Happy hiring!