Troubleshooting: Email Deliverability πŸ“¨

by Shelby Burke

If you have ever wondered why you aren't receiving emails from HigherMe, then you've come to the right place!

Below are a few reasons, as well as solutions, for troubleshooting email deliverability.

Did you unsubscribe from our emails?

Whether it was on accident or on purpose, the most common emailing issue happens from clicking on the email unsubscribe link.

To resubscribe: please enter your email into the following form which will automatically resubscribe you.

After successful submission, you should receive a confirmation email from us. This is a test to let you know that you are able to receive all HigherMe emails going forward.

Is the email valid?

For obvious reasons, we can't send emails to ones that don't exist. Check to ensure that the email address that you signed up with has no typos or errors in it.

It's helpful to copy-paste the email assigned directly to your account and to try and send a test email to it from another email account. Alternatively, you can use this free email checker on the copied email.

Have you checked your spam?

Sometimes, our emails will end up on the spam list. This is a temporary issue that we are usually aware of when it happens and gets resolved within a few days.

Check your spam folder to ensure that you haven't missed the email. Alternatively, you can use your email search bar to look for the sender and/or This is a surefire way to check if our emails were somehow lost in your inbox.

Is your email provider blocking us?

Some organizations will have strict policies on which emails are delivered to you. This is great at blocking unwanted emails, but sometimes our emails will land in that mix. To fix this, please add our emails and to your whitelist/safe senders list.

Click either one of the following links that apply to your email provider to find out how to do this.

Guide for Gmail

Guide for Outlook

Guide for iCloud

Other Email Providers

If an organization controls your email account, please talk to them about adding our domains to your email safe senders list.

The last resort

If you've followed all of the above steps and you still are not receive any emails from HigherMe, contact our support team and we will be happy to help out.

Your email may have landed on our Bounce, Invalid, or Block list so we will have to get this fixed for you.

NOTE: this is a very rare occurrence, and 99% of the time the solutions listed above will fix any email delivery issues that you may be experiencing.