Contacting HigherMe (For Applicants)

by Ilya

As an Applicant, you must have an account on HigherMe in order to send us a support request.

Here are the steps to get into contact with HigherMe Support:

First, login to your account. This can be done from the login page. If you don't remember your password, see 


Once you have logged in, you should have a blue widget on the bottom left of your screen that says Get help.

If you are on Mobile, this will be a blue circle with a question mark.

mceclip1.png      mceclip2.png

After clicking on the bubble, you will be suggested a few articles to solve your issue.


If none of the suggestions solve your issue, try typing in a question first.


If none of the suggestions solve your issue, click on the Get in touch button.



Now, fill in all required fields.



Note that we will auto-fill the email address portion. If the email address that was entered is not attached to a HigherMe email address, we may not be able to solve your issue.

After sending in the request, you will receive an email confirmation. Our team will try and get back to you as soon as possible!