Accessing your onboarding paperwork

by Irรจne

Congrats on the new job! ๐ŸŽ‰ If you've been hired through HigherMe, your new employer may send you an email with a link to begin your onboarding paperwork. Hold onto this email โ€“ it's the easiest way to access your onboarding!

If you lost or deleted that email, don't worry. You can also access your onboarding by logging into your HigherMe account:

  1. Log into HigherMe. Make sure to use the same email address that received your onboarding link.
  2. From the menu under your profile picture in the top right, open your Applications page.
  3. You should see a job with the message, "Congratulations! You're hired." and a link to Begin (or Continue) Onboarding.
  4. Click that link to open your onboarding. You're ready to start your paperwork!
Still having trouble accessing your onboarding?

If you have multiple HigherMe accounts that you've used to apply to different jobs, make sure you are logged into the account that received the onboarding invitation. If you get an "unauthorized" error, this usually means that you are logged into the wrong account.

Look back through your emails. Which email address received the message about onboarding paperwork (or your invitation to interview)? This is likely the email you need to sign in with.

Log out of HigherMe completely, and then log back in using that correct email address. You should be good to go!

Still have questions? Email HigherMe Support at for further assistance.