Average Response Time ⏰

by Shelby Burke

Average Response Time is a metric that can be used to optimize your hiring process like how quickly you are connecting with your applicants and how quickly you can go from interviewed to hired. 

Where can I find the Average Response Time?

View your Average Response Time from your JOBS page. Each location will have its own Average Response Time.


How does HigherMe calculate the Average Response Time?

HigherMe calculates Average Response Time by:

  • Changing an Applicant Status - how quickly you review and mark applicants' statuses.
  • Clicking "Show Contact Info" on a candidate application
  • Using the Interview Scheduler tool to invite a candidate for a phone or in-person interview. 


This means that if a manager decides to click on the Show Contact Info button after a long period of time, the Contact Time for that candidate will be included in the final calculation.