Average Contact Time

by Ilya

Average Contact Time and Average Response Time are the two metrics that can be used to measure your hiring manager performance.

What is the Average Contact Time?

The Average Contact Time, or Average Response Time, is a metric used to measure manager performance on replying to candidate applications within HigherMe.

This can be used to optimize your hiring process in many ways, and ensuring that you and your managers always reply to prospective candidates in a timely manner.


Where can I find the Average Contact Time?

The average contact time for your company can be found under your Jobs page.


If you would like to pull a full location report on your Average Contact Time, separated by job titles, you can navigate to the Reports tab and click on Location/Job Statistics. From there, you'll be able to pull a full report and even schedule a recurring one to be sent to you!


How does HigherMe calculate the Average Contact Time?

HigherMe calculates Average Contact/Response Time only when a manager clicks on the Show Contact Info button on the candidate's profile.


This means that if a manager does not click on that button, the candidate's Contact Time will not be considered in the final calculation until that button is clicked.

Additionally, if a manager decides to click on the Show Contact Info button after a long period of time, the Contact Time for that candidate will be included in the final calculation