Managing Users on HigherMe - Adding, Deleting, and Changing Manager Access

by Diane Garcia

Ensuring that you maintain an actively engaged candidate pipeline means enabling the appropriate team members to help!

With HigherMe, you can control who has access to hiring within your account. 


For a more detailed overview of permissions, check out our User Permissions Overview.

To Manage User Access:


To Access User Settings:

  1. Log into HigherMe
  2. Select your Profile Photo
  3. Select Admin 
    This will take you to the User settings
  4. Add or adjust permissions as needed.

From this page, you can:


  1. Search for a Manager
    This is useful if you have several managers and know that you'd like to update/remove a specific person. 
  2. Filter by Location
    This is an easy way to confirm which managers have access to each location.
  3. Add A New Manager
    How you can easily add new managers to your account.
  4. Export
    Export a list of all users with access to your account.
  5. Edit Manager
    Use this if you need to change permissions level or location access for a user.
  6. Reset Password
    If one of your managers can log in, select reset password to send them a password reset request.
  7. Delete 
    Remove a manager's access to your account. 

Adding a User to Your Account:


To add a new manager to your account:
From the Users Page

  1. Click on Add New Manager
  2. Enter their First Name, Last Name, and email address
    This email address will be their login
  3. Select their role (more details on what each role means here: User Permissions Overview
  4. Select Next
  5. Check the appropriate locations
  6. Click on Save

Have additional questions about user access? Contact our team!