by Amelia Mehaffey

At HigherMe, we’re committed to helping owners and operators hire the best employees, all while saving time and money. To keep your newly hired employees engaged, we’re excited to announce that we now have an integration with 7shifts, the leading staff scheduling and time management software.

7shifts helps managers save five hours per week on average by optimizing labor operations with tools that keep track of employee availability, time-off, and shift changes. Managers can communicate with employees without exchanging private contact information with the help of built-in communication features. 

HigherMe and 7shifts work together so you can reduce turnover costs and increase employee engagement. Once you’ve hired an employee, a new profile will automatically be created in 7shifts with applicant information pulled from HigherMe.  

Here’s why you should start using HigherMe and 7shifts, together:

Manage your business on-the-go

Save time and oversee your business from anywhere with the ability to manage your employee experience from any device. You can review candidates, automate your interview scheduling, and send offer letters in HigherMe, and then add your new employees to 7shifts to create their schedule. With automated tools and insightful reporting, there’s more time in your day to focus on growing your business (and less time spent playing phone tag).

Find the best employees, and keep them

HigherMe makes it easy to attract, find, and onboard new employees, and once you’ve found them, you want to keep them. 7shifts makes life easy for employees, with tools to view their schedule, swap shifts, and submit time-off requests, keeping your team engaged and less likely to quit. Keeping employees happy from day one boosts staff retention rates, reducing turnover costs.

Stay in compliance with labor standards

Keeping up-to-date with labor laws and regulations in your city or state can feel like a challenge. HigherMe makes it easy to collect mandatory government forms like the I-9 and W-4, as well as confirm work eligibility with E-Verify. With 7shifts, you’ll get automated break and overtime alerts for staff, and ensure your employees aren’t scheduled for “clopen” shifts.

7shifts is available for a one month free trial for HigherMe customers. Click here to sign up and start your free trial today.

Already a 7shifts Customer?

HigherMe's 7shifts integration is absolutely free to use, and very easy to set up. Within just a few minutes, you'll be on your way to happier hiring!

First, make sure to grab your 7shifts API key from your account. If you aren't sure where to find that, please reach out to your 7shifts support rep!

  • While logged in to HigherMe, click the Partners option at the top right of your browser window.


  • Select 7shifts from our Partner page.


  • Here's where you'll need your API Key! Click Configure API Key, and paste your key here. Click Check Key to verify the key.
  • If the key is incorrect, you will not be able to move forward. If you get this error, please reach out to your 7shifts support rep to help verify your API Key. 


  • Once your API Key has been accepted, you'll need to map your locations in HigherMe to the Locations in your 7shifts account. Hopefully there is a clear match in each system!
  • Click Locations on the left hand menu, then select Attach on any of the locations that you want to map.


  • In the pop-up window, click +Attach New


  • Find the matching location from your 7shifts account in the drop down menu. 


  • Once the locations are mapped, you can Modify the connection at any time from this page!


  • Once your Locations have been configured, you will configure all of your Jobs across both systems. This process is similar to locations with a couple of minor differences:
    • Each Job needs to be classified with a Position as either an Employee, a Manager, or an Assistant Manager. 
    •  Wage can be entered into this screen to pass over to 7shifts. If your HigherMe job has a wage listed, we will automatically pass that wage to 7shifts. You can override that wage here.
    • Wages need to be defined as either Salaried or Hourly.



That's it! Once you've mapped Locations and Jobs, you're ready to hire. 

When you mark an employee as Hired in HigherMe, they will pass to 7shifts within a few minutes. If you ever have any issues with employees not passing through the integration, you can manually push them through from your Employees dashboard here in the 7shifts configuration dashboard.

Please reach out to us via chat, email or phone with further questions, we're happy to help!