Video Recording Issues - How to submit your Video Cover Letter

by Irène

Many of the Employers that post jobs on HigherMe give you the option (or require) you to submit a quick video with your application. 

You'll see this screen after your application questions if the employer is open to a Video Cover Letter.
Click on the movie camera icon to get started!

If you have trouble recording the video or can't move forward, it's likely because your browser does not have permission to use your camera or microphone. Follow the steps below to confirm/troubleshoot access.



You'll see a Waiting for Hardware screen
There will also be a pop up on screen asking you to grant permission (if it is not already enabled). Click Continue.

If you get stuck on this screen, it is because you have NOT given the browser access to record the video.


You'll get a permissions pop up, one granting your browser permission to record video and another to record audio. 

You MUST enable/allow both to record the video.
You can remove permission after you have recorded your cover letter. 


You'll then be taken back to your video application and are ready to record!

If you denied permission for one of the options, you'll see this screen.



If you accidentally denied one of the permissions or didn't see the permissions pop up, follow the steps below to grant permission via your app settings.

Tip: This is also how you can revoke access/permission when you're done!

Open up your app drawer so you can see all of your apps, find the settings app.


Scroll and select Privacy from the list


Select Permissions Manager


Tap on Camera (or Microphone) to access the settings
Note only on permission can be updated at a time, update both to record your video!


Then select the web browser you're using to apply to the job


Then select Approve to grant access!
Or deny if you're trying to remove access after recording.



Go back to your browser and refresh the page. You should be able to record your cover letter!

If you're unable to find app permissions on your device, let us know and we'll help you troubleshoot.

Good Luck!