How to Write a Great Job Posting

by Amelia Mehaffey

A great job post will inform and entice a candidate. It is both a place to advertise the perks of working for your company, and to give candidates the necessary information about your role.

It’s tempting to put every single thing you know about this role in your job post, but editing and formatting can be critical to getting top talent to apply. 

Here are the things we suggest including in your job post:

  • Generic Job Title - Make your title generic and searchable for the best results. Read more here about best practices for Job titles.
  • Introduction - A quick intro sentence about what you are hiring for and why.
  • Job Duties / Responsibilities - A quick bulleted list of what the person will be doing in the job.
  • Requirements / Qualifications - A quick list of the experience you would like the candidate to have.
  • Compensation & Perks - List what advantages there are to working for you vs. someone else.
  • Closing / Call to action -  A closing sentence to encourage people to apply.

Here is a sample job template of our suggested formatting:

Job Title: Server 

Pay: Range, Exactly, Up To, or Starting At

Job Summary: HigherMe Kitchen is searching for an experienced Server to join our team. You’ll be essential to the team as you will be the face of our company to customers. 

Job Duties:

  • Serve as the face ofHigherMe Kitchen and ensure all patrons have a great experience
  • Suggest & take customers' food and drink orders accurately
  • Ensure food allergies are communicated to the kitchen
  • Collect payments for meals
  • Assist with preparing tables for customers

Compensation & Perks:

  • $10/hr + Tips
  • Free meals
  • Free parking
  • Great team

 Don’t miss the opportunity to join HigherMe Kitchen’s friendly team. Apply today!

Job Requirements:

  • 1+ years of server experience required
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Familiar with restaurant POS system is a plus

How do I attract the kind of talent that I want?

What would your ideal applicant be searching for?

  • General job titles will make it easier for people to find your job.
  • Would your job posting appeal to an ideal candidate?

Formatting Matters!

  • All caps or excessive punctuation tends to discourage applicants from applying.
  • Using headings and bulleted lists for the content makes it easier for candidates to read and decide if they’d be a good fit.

People are more likely to apply when they know what they are getting into.

  • Details like compensation, benefits & perks, and responsibilities make a difference and increase quality and quantity of applicants you’ll receive.
  • Photos help applicants “see” who they’d be working for and can encourage people to apply.

One Job Title, one Job Posting

  • If you’re hiring for more than one job, it’s best to separate them out.  
  • Individual jobs per post helps organize applicants based on what they are interested in.
  • Multiple jobs in one posting tends to get less results, because job boards have difficulty categorizing the position and may not show it to the right people.

Making your job compliant with Indeed:

To make sure your job receives full visibility on Indeed, please review this article on Indeed job posting guidelines.