User Roles & Permissions

by Shelby Burke

HigherMe offers a default set of roles and suggested permissions that you can customize to fit your company’s needs! Head over to your Roles & Permissions page to configure these. 

We offer four types of roles:

  1. Company Admin
  2. Regional Manager
  3. Store Manager
  4. Recruiter

We offer three primary permission sets:

  1. Users and Permissions
  2. ATS
  3. Interview Scheduling

Within each of these permission sets, Company Admins can choose which permissions are attached to which role. 

  1. Users & Permissions
    • Create a new manager
      • Invite a new manager to your account
    • Delete a manager
      • Remove a manager’s access to your account
    • Can Create Templates
      • Allow users to ADD NEW TEMPLATE
    • Can Edit Templates
      • Change the content, questions, and settings of job templates
    • Onboarding Add New Hires
      • Allow users to add new hires that did NOT apply through HigherMe
    • Allow Onboarding
      • Allow users to move applicants into Onboarding
    • Can Request New Resources (Locations, Jobs, Documents)
      • From the jobs page and onboarding page
    • Can Edit Role & Permissions
      • Allow users to update and change the settings
      • We only recommend this for the Company Admin
    • Can Boost a Job
      • Allow users to boost jobs on Indeed, Craigslist, and HigherMe Reach
    • Email Notifications After Boost
      • Allow users to receive emails regarding boosts
    • Can Create New Job Template
      • Allow users to create a new job template for a specific location 
    • Can See Background Check Status
      • Allows users to view new hires' background checks
    • Can Edit Jobs
      • Allows users to edit jobs at specific locations
    • Can Finalize Onboarding Employees
      • Allows users to review and complete new hires' onboarding paperwork
  2. ATS
    • Can Change Hiring Statuses
      • Can change the status (on/off/passive) of your jobs
    • Can Change Application Status
      • Can move an application to different stages of the hiring process
    • Daily Digest
      • Option to get a daily email with all candidates from the day
    • Email after each notification
      • Option to get emails for all applicant notifications
    • Text after each notification
      • Option to get text alerts for all applicant notifications
    • Receive notifications from managers to finalize Onboarding Employees
      • Allow users to receive notifications to finalize OEs
    • EEOC Reports
      • Allow users to view EEOC reports
    • Sourcing Report
      • View a report which shows the original source of candidates 
    • AON Report
      • Allow users to view AON reports
  3. Interview Scheduling
    • Can edit schedule slots for location
      • Set interview slots for various locations vs personal times
      • This is great if a recruiter or someone other than the direct hiring manager is inviting candidates to interviews
    • Can invite applicants to interview
      • Option to schedule an interview
    • Can Invite applications to interview for another manager
      • Allow users to set up interviews with other managers
    • Reminder before interview
      • Get a notification prior to a scheduled interview
    • Alert Issues With Interview
      • Get a notification if the candidate cancels or requests to reschedule their interview.


Here are quick glances at the 4 types of roles and their default settings: 




Screen_Shot_2022-08-22_at_9.23.02_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-08-22_at_9.23.09_AM.png




















Digital Onboarding Permissions:

NOTE: All employees will have access to Digital Onboarding via HigherMe if your company utilizes our service. However, only Company Admins will have access to sensitive data (SSN & Salary).

To add a new user, check outthis page!