Job Availability

by Amelia Mehaffey

Hiring for specific shifts is very common. With our Job Availability grid, you can identify candidates that are available when you need them to be available. 

Click and drag to create availability blocks for each day of the week:


We will compare the candidate’s availability for each day with your time blocks as part of their overall FitScore.

Click any time block to select “Change to critical shift”:


This will allow us to give candidates a higher FitScore if they are available during these critical shifts. 

Click any time block to select “Remove”:


If you don’t need availability for a certain day of the week, just remove it from your grid. 

Note: Job Availability can be customized per job. Configuring this tool will make it easier for you to spot top talent quickly from amongst your candidate pool because it affects their FitScore based on your Job Scoring weights!