Boosting your jobs on HigherMe

by Irène

Do you have a role you're struggling to fill? Maybe you want to make sure your postings get seen by a wider pool of job seekers? HigherMe offers three ways to boost your job ads directly from your Jobs page: Appcast, HigherMe Reach, and Craigslist.

If you have the permissions, you will see a pink Boost button next to each one of your active jobs. Click it to select from our three boost options:



We’re excited to introduce a new partnership with Appcast! When you boost (sponsor) a job via Appcast from your HigherMe Jobs page, Appcast uses your boost budget to distribute your job ad on Indeed as well as a wide network of other job boards, including CareerBuilder, Monster, Facebook, and more.

Other than Indeed, which job boards will your job get distributed to? That depends! Appcast’s algorithm is built to determine the best sites to share to at a given time so you can get the most out of your budget.

To get started with Appcast, select a job that needs more applicants and click on the pink Boost button next to it.

  1. First, set your budget and answer a couple questions about how many employees you need to hire. If you're not 100% sure of your hiring needs, give your best guess!
    • Per Appcast's guidelines, the minimum budget to boost is $150 USD. From there up, your budget options are $150, $200, $250, $300, $400, and $500. Whatever budget you enter is the maximum amount the boost will spend; you will not be billed for more than this amount.
  2. Once you confirm your boost, Appcast will distribute your sponsored job posting on Indeed and its network of other job boards. Your campaign will spend until your budget is depleted.
  3. NEW! Get insights on your boost campaign or cancel a current boost by clicking on the Appcast icon next to your boosted job.
  4. NEW! We now offer a boost campaign report from our Exports page. Analyze how well your boosts have performed to make informed decisions about your future boosts!

Questions about using this new feature? Email us at!

HigherMe Reach

HigherMe Reach is an easy, FREE way to reach qualified potential applicants near you. Reach is available to all clients, but results may vary by location.

To get started with Reach, select a job that needs more applicants and click on the pink Boost button next to it.
  1. Our system quickly checks your city and job category to find qualified applicants in your area.
  2. If there are available applicants near you, you’ll be able to confirm your Boost request. HigherMe will email these eligible applicants with your job post, encouraging them to apply. 📧
  3. If there are no available applicants in your area, you will see a message letting you know that we are unable to boost your job through Reach at this time. Check back in the future – there may be more candidates down the line!
Good to know: we have carefully set parameters so that applicants don't get "spammed" with too many Reach suggestions. This makes it likelier that your job ads will reach interested candidates! 😄


Craigslist is a pay-to-post job board. Pricing varies by location and can cost between $10 and $75 USD per ad. You choose the number of job posts you want and you'll be billed based on Craigslist pricing in your area.

Once you boost a job, you will see an icon on your Jobs page indicating which job is being actively boosted and where. 📢

Your boost data

Want to track how your boosts are performing? Your sourcing report shows you a breakdown of where your applicants are coming in from. 📈
Tip: when you hire someone, mark them as "hired" so you can track which sources are bringing you your most qualified candidates!