Boosting your Job with Paid Sponsorships

by Amelia Mehaffey

Let's face it, some jobs are just hard to find candidates for. Here you are with a great, well-paying opportunity and sometimes it feels like you have to beg people to take your money!


HigherMe can help you get more eyes on your job, helping you can find a great candidate so that you aren't throwing your money away ^ like this kid. 

How do I get started?

As a Company Admin in HigherMe, you have the option of clicking the "Boost" button next to any job which will send our team a message that you'd like to sponsor this job. We will send you a follow up message to confirm the details of your ads!


If you do not see this option in your account, please contact your account owner to ask what company-supported options are available to you for sponsoring your jobs. 

Where should I do paid sponsorship?

We have two main paid partnership vendors: Indeed and Craigslist.

To get a sense of which of these might work for you, you should take a look at your Sourcing report in your HigherMe account. If you've been marking hired candidates as "Hired" then you will be able to see where your most quality candidates are coming from. 


What's the difference?

Each of these vendors is a little different, but either will get more people to view your job. 


  • With Indeed, we run sponsored campaigns that use a cost-per-click basis to pin your job to the top pages of Indeed.
  • The campaigns start at a minimum $50 per job per location for two weeks at a time, and the budgets can increase from there depending on urgency and job type.
  • We generally recommend higher budgets for specialized or management roles.

For most jobs, we suggest starting with a $75 budget. For management or specialized roles, we suggest $100-$150. 


  • With Craigslist, we optimize the posts with color, images, branding, and links to your job pages, making them much more attractive to potential candidates than the standard text-only post.
  • Older posts are moved down as newer posts are added, so we generally recommend posting at least 1/week to keep your ad fresh, but we require at least two posts per month.
  • We can include as many different jobs and locations in the posts as needed and they are very customizable.

Click here for a good resource on what a Craigslist post will cost for your area. 

Please note that this site is a great resource, but Craigslist prices are subject to change.  

While it's not always needed, paid ads are a great way to boost performance of low-traffic jobs. It's a tough market, but with our help, you'll be swimming in quality candidates in no time. 😎