What does it mean to BOOST a job?

by Shelby Burke

Let's face it, some jobs are just hard to find candidates for. Here you are with a great, well-paying opportunity and sometimes it feels like you have to beg people to take your money!


HigherMe can help you get more eyes on your job, helping you find great candidates so that you aren't throwing your money away ^ like this kid. 

How can I boost?

As a Company Admin in HigherMe, you have the option of clicking the "Boost" button next to any job.


You will be prompted to choose either Indeed, Craigslist or HigherMe Reach as options to boost. 


INDEED: When your job is boosted on Indeed, it generally gets more views because Indeed has an algorithm that pins the job at the top of the first page so it reaches more applicants during their search. The anticipated outcome is an influx in applications in a short period of time, during which the boost is active. The boost is active for 2 weeks. 

There is a daily budget and total budget that Indeed calculates. Every time an applicant clicks to view your job post, a percentage of your budget is deducted from the daily budget until you are finished with your total budget. 
The important part to know is that the cost per click varies significantly by employer/region/job. Indeed uses a bidding system for clicks, so it depends on how competitive your area is. Although that will vary widely, it is a decent proxy to use when deciding on a budget. 


CRAIGSLIST: Alternatively, you can BOOST on Craigslist, which is a pay-to-post job board. Craigslist prices vary by location and can cost between $10.00 USD and $75.00 USD per location. You will be billed based on the price Craigslist charges to post in your area. You pay for the number of posts you choose multiplied by the amount your area gives. Check your pricing here!
Older posts are moved down as newer posts are added, so we generally recommend posting at least 1/week to keep your ad fresh, but we require at least two posts per month.
HIGHERME REACH: HigherMe Reach is a new and easy way to reach millions of applicants that live in our database! It is currently available to all clients! Click here to learn more. 

See your SOURCING REPORT to learn where your top sourced applicants are coming from. If you've been marking hired candidates as "Hired" then you will be able to see where your most qualified candidates are coming from. 


While it's not always needed, paid ads are a great way to boost the performance of low-traffic jobs. It's a tough market, but with our help, you'll be swimming in quality candidates in no time. 😎

If you do not see the boost option in your account, please contact your HigherMe Company Admin to learn more.