Reviewing applicant profiles

by Irène

Sometimes a candidate likes your brand so much that they apply to multiple jobs, multiple locations, or both! And while that's super flattering, it can be hard to manage all those applications.

We created applicant profiles to give you greater visibility and control over those repeat applications. You can easily view how many times a candidate has applied to jobs at your company, what their best FitScore has been, and how recently they've sent in an application.

Viewing an applicant profile:

To view your Applicant profiles page, visit the Applicant profiles tab at the top of your Applications page.


You'll see a gallery of profiles like this:


Clicking on the pink View applicant profile button will open the profile in a pane on the right side of your window.

Understanding an applicant profile:

In addition to basic information (name, contact info, and their total # applications at your company), you'll see collapsible panels with each application they've submitted, its date, and its status.


When you click on the arrow ▶️ on the left of a panel, it will expand to show you important info about that application such as:

  • FitScore
  • Application source
  • Notes from other managers
  • A link to view the full application

Bulk-updating applicant profiles:

Once you've gotten a full view of this candidate and their interest in your company, you can save time by bulk-updating application status:

  1. With an applicant profile open, use the checkboxes to the right of each panel to select several applications at a time.
  2. From the Mark selection as... dropdown, select the status you would like to assign to these applications.


Prefer a more classic view? Check out how to review applications from your Applications page!