Applicant Profiles 🧑‍💻

by Shelby Burke

Sometimes a candidate likes your brand SO MUCH that they will apply to multiple jobs, multiple locations, or both! And while that's super flattering, it can be hard to manage all those applications.


HigherMe's Applicant Profile feature was created to help employers have greater visibility and control over the applications submitted to their many jobs and locations. You can easily sort and manage candidates who have applied to multiple positions or locations and avoid reviewing the same profiles twice.

How do I find Applicant Profiles?

When you log in to HigherMe, you are taken to the "Applications" page. On this page, you can toggle between two views: Applications and Applicant Profiles.


Click APPLICANT PROFILES to view all of your raving fans! You'll get an overview of each unique candidate in one place with a summary that includes their name, location, best FitScore, number of applications, and number of locations where they’ve applied. 


What can I see in an Applicant Profile?

Along with their name, location, FitScore, and the number of locations, you can also easily review every application from each profile. Think you’ve seen this candidate before? See a short summary of every position they’ve applied for, as well as notes that have been added to their file. See the date and status from previous applications to avoid wasting time chasing down old files.


Cool! What can I do from here?

Once you've gotten a full view of this candidate and their interest in your company, save time by bulk updating statuses. After reviewing each application, save time by updating the status for every job in one place to keep track of where the candidate is in the hiring process. If you reject a candidate, you have the option to add a reason for the rejection to their file.


Can my Team see the actions I take on Applicant Profiles?


Yep! This is a great tool for team collaboration! The notes and rejection reasons you add are available to your entire team. You can even see information about applications at locations you don’t have access to, so you can make an informed decision about each candidate.

Just one more step in the direction of helping you hire faster. :)