Job Templates: What are they? ๐Ÿ“

by Shelby Burke

Job Templates are a way to manage your job post across all your locations. Any changes made to a template will apply to all the locations where the template is deployed. Choose a specific template to view a list of locations for that template under the 'Job Locations' tab.


  • Templates can be edited anytime by the company admin or others with permission to do so
  • Templates ensure consistency across all of your job posts for all of your locations 

Job Template Details

When you are customizing the Job Templates, you will be able to manage the following fields:

  • Job Details
    • Job titles, statuses, and salaries
    • Video cover letter requirements
    • Job descriptions and requirements
  • Job Locations
  • Job Availability 
  • Job Questions
  • Job Scoring

Read more about each of these controllable sections here.