Controlling Your Job Posts with Templates

by Amelia Mehaffey

What are Job Templates?

Job Templates are a way to manage your job post content across all of your locations. With Job Templates, you only have to make edits once to make a change to job posts across your entire organization.

NOTE: If you have location specific edits to your job posts, contact our support team to make these changes.

Why is this great for you?

  • You don’t need to wait around for anyone to edit your jobs. You can do it yourself whenever you want, as much as you want!
  • Templates ensure consistency across all of your job posts for all of your locations 
  • Select users can collaborate on building proper job descriptions. You get to choose who can edit your job templates!

Ultimately, this allows you to spend more time making great hires, and less time making changes to your job posts.


Job Template Details

When you are customizing the Job Templates, you will be able to manage the following fields:

  • Job Details
    • Job titles, statuses and salaries
    • Video cover letter requirements
    • Job descriptions and requirements
  • Job Locations
  • Job Availability 
  • Job Questions
  • Job Scoring

Read more about each of these controllable sections here.