How do I edit my jobs?

by Amelia Mehaffey

If you have the correct user permissions, you edit your jobs at any time from your Admin Dashboard in HigherMe. 

Note: Don’t see this option, but you think you should? Contact your Account Administrator to ask them to upgrade your permissions. 


To Edit Your Job Templates:

  1. Select "Admin" from the profile drop down
  2. Select "Templates"  
  3. Click "Edit" on the appropriate job.




Customizing Your Job Descriptions

To get started editing your jobs, click on the name of the job, or select Actions>Edit. This will open your Jobs Setup page. From here, you can edit the following sections of your job posts:

  • Job Details
  • Job Locations
  • Job Availability
  • Job Questions
  • Job Scoring

Click here for a detailed overview of each of these sections and how to customize each. 

Note: Making edits will change ALL jobs across ALL locations. If you need to make location-specific edits, please contact our support team.