Adding or archiving a template

by Irène


What is a job template?

Think of a job template as the blueprint for your job postings. Job templates allow you to update a job posting at ALL locations it is deployed to, rather than one location at a time. This helps you achieve consistency across all of your locations. Learn more about templates here!

Adding a new template

  1. Visit your Templates page and click + New Template.
  2. This will open a blank template for you to fill out. Add in key information like job title, job description, requirements, etc.
    • Look for the question that asks, "Would you like to publish this job?" (above the salary questions). Here you can decide whether you want this template to create an active job posting, create an inactive job posting, or be left in draft status for now.
  3. From the Job Locations tab on the left, select which of your store locations you would like to deploy this template to.
  4. Set up your availability requirements on the Job Availability tab!
  5. Use the Job Questions and Job Scoring tabs to gather important information from your applicants and factor it into how their FitScores are calculated. Read our tips here!

Archiving a template

NEW! Archiving an existing template allows you to unpublish it and remove it from your main list (along with any associated jobs) without deleting it forever. You can un-archive an archived template at any time.

  1. Visit your Templates page and identify the template you would like to archive.
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the template and click Archive.
  3. Your template now lives in the Archive tab at the top of your Templates page. Access it later to un-archive as needed!

Archiving a template also archives all jobs associated to that template. Un-archiving a template also un-archives all associated jobs.

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